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Traffic Control Measures for Special Events in Banff, Canmore, Sundre and Surrounding Areas

Whether your organization is planning a small community marathon or a huge Santa’s Day parade, your group is ultimately responsible for the public’s safety and overall convenience. In order to secure the success of any event, you need to account for proper accessibility to and from the festivities.

Fundraisers, festivals and public events need to have a solid traffic control plan in place, well in advance of the day, to ensure a smooth and trouble-free experience for all. Wherever your event is located in the Bow Valley, traffic management is always a concern.


If you’re planning on designating additional parking in temporary areas, or if you’re considering re-routing foot traffic off the beaten path for any reason, it pays to have attendants on hand to direct your visitors where they need to be. Sufficient staffing, proper signage and good visibility are key factors in maintaining control over large crowds and clusters of traffic. Don’t suffer the embarrassment and stress of suffering through endless complaints. Eliminate instances of road rage and potential accidents with proactive solutions by Standish Towing & Recovery. We have the expertise to help control all forms of traffic and make the most effective use of your space. Our expertise will help define pedestrian thoroughfares and control the speed at which people enter or exit your event by vehicle.


Why Choose Standish Towing for Your Traffic Management Needs –

  • Locally reputable business with the national parks
  • Rental equipment
  • Site specific consultation
  • Volume, weather and site user approach
  • Flagging service
  • Safety-first traffic management plans
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • On-site maintenance
  • Short or long-term plans

It takes a lot of coordination to get things right; we can help. Create the best visitor experience you can. Contact us for more information.

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