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Traffic Management Unit for 24-hour Support in Banff, Canmore, Sundre and Surrounding Areas

Standish Towing & Recovery can provide 24-hour solutions to your traffic problem in in Banff, Canmore, Sundre and surrounding areas. We have 18 fully equipped traffic control units manned with certified flag personnel. Our fleet can shut down a highway in minutes and divert traffic effectively. We offer electronic arrow boards and proper road signage for use in Banff and surrounding communities. Our traffic crew is on 24-hour standby and ready to respond to any situation immediately.

  We also provide rental of traffic control devices and equipment on a day or monthly basis.

This includes signs, traffic cones, arrow boards, message boards, and personnel.

Ensure the safety of your crews. Maintain a safe and well-organized job site. Call in the team at Standish Towing & Recovery before your next big job.

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